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cascade d angon

Angon waterfall


Angon waterfall, natural visit near Talloires

A natural site not to be missed during a stay in Annecy, the Angon waterfall is an impressive waterfall with a height of more than 60 meters, located in the canyon of Angon. The Nant de Grenant stream flows into Lake Annecy in Talloires, at Angon Beach. Its bed has dug one of the most famous sites in Haute-Savoie for canyoning and aquatic hikes. A cliff-side path leads to the large waterfall: it offers breathtaking views of Lake Annecy. In the canyon, a smaller first cascade precedes that of Angon. The site of the great waterfall is magnificent in all seasons. The water flow varies, but never dries up. In winter, the spectacle of the frozen waterfall is striking. In summer, canyoning enthusiasts abseil the waterfall.

Angon waterfall hike

You have several options for going to the Angon waterfall: a quick route and a long hike. The most direct route is by car to Chemin de la Closette, at the entrance to the hamlet of Vérel, located on the Col de la Forclaz road. Signs then indicate the direction of the waterfall, and a 10-minute walk is enough to reach it. The cliff-side path is lined with safety rails. It is nevertheless recommended to be equipped with good shoes and to take care of the ground which can be very slippery by place if it rained recently. Hiking enthusiasts will be able to leave directly from Talloires, for a round trip of around 2h30. The distance to be covered is 6 km, but the difference in level is important and certain passages can be delicate, especially when the ground is wet. The route of this hike is very well marked. The start takes place at the Angon car park in Talloires, at 411 route des Vignes. The hike begins at first on a rural path, takes the road suitable for the Angon waterfall for 300 meters, before turning onto a path towards the hamlet of Vérel. At the crossroads with the Route de la Forclaz, take the signposted path that leads to the waterfall. The return can be made by the same route. If you prefer to make a loop, it is possible to descend via the Pont des Fées, the Mouilles and the Bois de la Croix.