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roc de chere

Roc de Chère Nature Reserve


A protected nature reserve

Part of the rocky massif is protected for its ecological importance: the Roc de Chère nature reserve extends over nearly 70 hectares between Menthon and Talloires, at an altitude of between 450 and 600 meters. It offers sublime views of the mountains and the lake. The variety of its fauna and flora makes it a popular place to walk for lovers of wilderness. Attentive walkers can come across remarkable amphibians such as the spotted salamander or the common frog, numerous species of birds, as well as small mammals from forest and mountain environments.

Its flora is predominantly southern, and in other typically mountainous areas. These contrasts are explained by the microclimates created by different reliefs: very steep limestone slopes in the marshy valley, passing by the sandstone ridges. The Rock of Cher reserve is for these reasons also of great geological interest.

Due to its average altitude, the rock of Cher can be discovered in any season: each period of the year offers its share of surprises. It is therefore very popular: the greatest vigilance is required of its visitors to preserve the riches of the place and leave no trace of their passage.

Take a walk at the rock of Chère

To get to the Roc de Chère from the L'Idéal campsite, take the direction of Talloires, just 10 km away. Cross Talloires in the direction of Menthon, and stop at a place called Thoron. Parking is available at the start of the Rock of Chère trail. This path leads you directly to the Crête belvedere and to the Roc de Chère belvedere.

Another pleasant walk in the reserve can be made from Menthon, on the side of the Lac d'Annecy golf course. Shortly before the golf course is located the Roc de Chère car park. There begins the rural path from Echarvines to Chère. An explanatory panel presents, at the start of the hike, the history of the reserve as well as the characteristics of its fauna and flora. Several routes are also offered. The belvedere path, marked with green, is the most beautiful. Follow the path which climbs gently in the forest. At each junction, follow your green markings. The first remarkable point of view overlooks the bay of Talloires and the castle of Duingt. The return is then made by a descending slope a little steeper than the rise. It goes through a second point of view, then brings you back to the car park by a pleasantly shaded undergrowth path, along the Lake Annecy golf course.