Climbing the Col de la Forclaz from the end of the lake

This 11 km hike from Doussard is of medium difficulty. It takes place over a day or half-day, in around 4 hours. This is a round trip, not a loop. It starts at the hamlet of Verthier, and climbs either to the pass, or a little further up to the belvedere, just under 6 km away. The trail is marked GR (white and red lines). Most of the hike is through undergrowth

From Col de la Forclaz to Chalet de l’Aulp

From the Col de la Forclaz parking lot, this loop runs along the Nant and through several hamlets to the Chalet du Col de l’Aulp, before returning via the Pointe de la Rochette. A hike from pass to pass, lasting around 4.5 hours and covering a distance of 9.5 km. Several viewpoints over Lake Annecy. A stop at the pointe de la Rochette is an opportunity to watch the ballet of paragliders taking flight and gliding over the lake.

Family hike to Pointe de la Rochette

If you’d like to watch the paragliders take flight on a shorter hike, with children for example, you can reach the Pointe de la Rochette directly from the Col de la Forclaz. The site is signposted from the parking lot. The round trip takes around two hours, counting 1h15 for the ascent and 45 minutes for the descent. This option gives you time to enjoy the view from the top of the slope on the way in, and to eat at the refreshment bar on the Col de la Forclaz on the way back. It’s the perfect way to spend half a day on vacation. The distance is 4 km round trip, and the ascent 350 m.

Talamarche peak via the Forclaz pass

A great hike to start early so you can easily park your car at the Col de la Forclaz parking lot. With 16 km to cover, it’s best to devote a full day to it. Allow around 6 hours’ walking. From the Chalet de la Forclaz, head first for the nearby paragliding launch area, then for the path up to the Col de la Cochette. Then on to Roux rock, with a breathtaking view of the lake. The hike continues towards the Chalet de l’Aulp, the Chalet des Crottes, then the Col des Nantets. The Pointe de Talamarche is in sight, just follow the narrow path up to it. The return journey takes the same route.

A short stroll over the Col de la Forclaz

A very short hike for people who can’t walk very far, or for holidaymakers with very young children. From the Forclaz parking lot, a path leads up to the top of the pass, to a paraglider launch area: a 15-minute walk will take you to the top and back in half an hour, with a breathtaking view. Picnic tables and toilets are available on arrival. The road is used by paragliding club vans.

You can also get there from the commune of Menthon Saint Bernard, on the shores of Lake Annecy in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, and go mountain biking. Nearby, don’t forget to hike to the cascade d’Angon, with its beautiful view over the lake, or to the roc de Chère!