Several lakeside businesses offer a variety of water sports activities and equipment rentals. Make the most of your stay at the 4-star L’Idéal campsite in Annecy to have fun with your friends or children on the waters of France’s second largest natural lake!

Stand-up paddle, canoeing, kayaking and diving

Want to master the art of paddling? Rent your own boat or join a guided tour and cruise the lake at your leisure. Whether you decide to go along the shore or across the lake, coordinate your movements and compete with your friends and family in a good mood. To add to your unique experience, opt for stand-up paddling (SUP). Standing on your big board, you have to row while keeping your balance. Did your trip go well? Relax on one of Lake Annecy’s 11 beaches and take time for a swim. If you’re wondering what Lake Annecy is hiding while you’re swimming or lounging around, treat yourself to a scuba diving session and discover the wreck of the France, a boat that has been lying at a depth of 42 m for almost 50 years off Annecy-le-Vieux.

Rent a boat or pedalo with Ponton Deronzier

Le Ponton Deronzier offers rentals of pedalos (2-4 berths) and motorboats, with or without a license, for up to 6 people. The boats are equipped with a ladder, so you can swim in the middle of the lake in complete freedom. For a more playful dimension, rent a pedal-boat toboggan and let your kids jump into the water, laughing their heads off!

Mini-cruises on Lake Annecy with Compagnie des Bateaux

The Compagnie des Bateaux du lac d’Annecy invites you aboard one of its 5 boats for a guided discovery cruise lasting one or two hours. Departing from Annecy, you’ll sail on the waters of Europe’s purest lake, surrounded by magnificent mountains.

Water skiing and wakeboarding

Do you prefer adrenaline to a leisurely stroll? Sport for relaxation? Take your first waterskiing or wakeboarding experience on Lake Annecy during your vacation in Haute-Savoie! Snow sports are especially popular with the most adventurous sports enthusiasts. In just a few minutes, you’ll receive an adrenalin rush you won’t soon forget… and that your loved ones will take care of immortalizing. After all that, you’ll be glad to get back to the campsite to relax in the Jacuzzi or sip a cocktail on the terrace of the poolside bar.

Rafting, hydrospeed and river fishing near Lake Annecy

Outside Lake Annecy, you can raft or hydrospeed down several rivers, including the Isère and the Dranse. Anglers can devote a few hours to their passion on Lake Annecy, Lac du Jotty, Plage du Bout du Lac(Doussard), the Marlens lake and the Borne river (Le Petit-Bornand). The lakes and rivers of Savoie and Haute-Savoie (4,000 km of waterways) are particularly rich in carp, trout, pike, perch and grayling.