In France, we often use the expressions “une vie de chien” (“a dog’s life”), “traiter quelqu’un comme un chien” (“to treat someone like a dog”), “avoir un air de chien battu” (“to look like a beaten dog”)… and so on.
Used in centuries gone by, when our pets didn’t occupy a full place in our families, today all these expressions don’t really make sense any more, because even they’re entitled to a vacation!

Thinking of escaping? Snow or summer vacations, weekends with your dog in the countryside. The best dog-friendly destination in France is in Haute-Savoie, on the shores of Lake Annecy. We know what we’re talking about, as we have 3 at home 😉.
“According to the latest ranking by the 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation, the most dog-friendly ski resorts in terms of accommodation are in the Alps!”

“Vacation rentals and dogs are not mutually exclusive, but it’s important to be organized and well-informed.

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Summer season May to September

Enjoy the long, warm days of Haute-Savoie. At the campsite, we accept dogs not only in our caravan and tent pitches, but also in “some” – and I do mean “some” – of our accommodation.
Dog-friendly rentals are possible, but only under certain conditions…I know it will be difficult for some people to hear this, as I’m often told “my dog is very small and doesn’t shed” if a breed that doesn’t shed exists, I demand to know about it 😉
Annecy and its old town are full of walks and things to do. Wind your way through the little Venice of the Alps, with its pleasant cobbled streets, to the Pont des Amours and the Jardin de l’Europe. For those with a sweet tooth, try an ice cream at Glacier des Alpes! Of course Medor will be welcome… dog-friendly restaurants in Annecy are very common. What’s more, we all play our part in keeping the city clean, so don’t hesitate to use the poop bags – there are dispensers all over the place.

Your pooch will be welcome everywhere, the only drawback being that access to Lake Annecy is very difficult in summer. Very difficult to find dog-friendly beaches.
So that you can cool off and enjoy the pleasures of the water, we’ve got a few tips for you…

Cooling Time for a dip

Great spot for Médor: Le Roc de Chère! It’s a dense, shady forest with an impressive cliff face. A small, uncrowded corner that very few know about. You can get there by paddle, pedalo or canoe, and enjoy a leisurely swim with your dog in the open sea.

Other alternatives: rivers and waterfalls! From the Cascade d’Angon near Talloires, to the Cascade de Pissieu in the Massif des Bauges, or the Six fer à cheval via the Combe d’Ires in the commune of Doussard, you can stay cool with some lovely trails to visit.

Other sites :

– Dogs are allowed in the Parc des Glaisins, provided they are kept on a leash. On the heights of Annecy le Vieux, this shady park with a river is a real little corner of calm and greenery.

– The torrent of the Fier, or the river Chéran, nicknamed “the Pearl of the Bauges”, two wild sites in their purest state! What more could you ask for than fresh water and a quiet, unspoilt setting?

– The little beach at Lathuile, next to the Chez ma Cousine restaurant, still allows dogs. It’s just below the campsite, at 800m to be exact. Go early in the morning or later in the day, but avoid the middle of the day to avoid disturbing families with young children.

Photo: when your 6-year-old daughters take care of him at the beach

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randonnée lac annecy chien

Hiking ideas Sports activities

Cani-rando, cani-cross and even cani-trail can be practiced on many sites, with the exception of regional and national parks and nature reserves. Very few walks or hikes are not allowed with your furry friend, but the Bout du Lac Nature Reserve, 1km from the campsite, is an exception to the rule. It is home to protected flora and fauna.

Not far from the campsite, I recommend the following walks

– The Col de la Forclaz, above Lake Annecy, where paragliders take off in winter and summer alike, is a very pleasant spot.

– Roc de Chère Nature Reserve (Menthon-Saint-Bernard / Talloires-Montmin) A rocky outcrop on the edge of the lake, with a varied topography that will delight your eyes with remarkable views of the lake and mountains.

– The Sentier des Roselières (Saint-Jorioz) offers a magical walk at the foot of the lake and mountains, dotted with beautiful reed beds.

We can’t stress this enough, but it’s vital to respect the environment and its inhabitants: Alpagistes, herds, patoux and wild fauna and flora.

Mont Baron & Mont Veyrier are great little hikes offering superb panoramic views of the lake and surrounding mountains, Plateau des Glières, Semnoz and so on… Check out the top 7 hikes on our blog, which may give you some ideas!

Winter season October to April

If you want to discover Lake Annecy with its autumn colors or Annecy with its white coat, don’t hesitate, we rent apartments: “dog-friendly vacation rentals all year round”.
Even if you want to visit Annecy and its old town, the low season is still the best time. With less heat and fewer people, your dog will be all the better for it.
Unlike spring-summer, the advantage of traveling in autumn-winter is that mountain pastures and beaches are accessible.
You’ll be able to take Médor for a peaceful stroll, and there won’t be a single Patou in sight…
After the effort, the comfort! Now it’s time to relax and refresh, and Medor will have plenty of time to swim and play on the deserted beaches of Lake Annecy.
I know our dogs love winter activities. For obvious safety reasons, they are not allowed on downhill ski slopes, but as a general rule, ski resorts accept animals in the forest on snowshoe trails for cani-raquette or ski-jöering, or simply for a leisurely stroll.

Other ideas for activities: How about culture? Like the bells PACCARD andThe Ecomusée du Lac d’Annecy (Lake Annecy Ecomuseum ) in Sévrier, theEcomusée du Bois et de la Forêt (Wood and Forest Ecomuseum) in Thônes, and natural sites such as the Grottes et Cascades (Caves and Waterfalls) in Seythenex, the Jardins Secrets (Secret Gardens) in Vaulx and the Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) in Chamonix with the Montenvers train.

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If you want to visit places where dogs are not allowed, we have THE SOLUTION for you!
JUJU: the super dog sitters just a stone’s throw from Camping l’Idéal. TESTED AND APPROVED by Inka & Nino!
Our dogs had the experience at All Saints’ Day. They enjoyed JUJU’s kindness and walks. With no cages or stalls, it’s the ideal place to leave your pooch.

In 3 words, the ideal is to : GIVE PRIORITY TO SPACES
We look forward to welcoming you soon.