Here’s another staycation idea!

We couldn’t help but write a short article about the magnificentEchappées Bellesprogram immersed in the Savoie Mont-Blanc region, broadcast Saturday January 7, 2023 on France5.

A 1st Echappées Belles for Théo Curin solo in the Savoie Mont-Blanc region, a wow effect!

Throughout this wonderful adventure, you’ll be enchanted by the landscapes of the 2 Savoies, amazed by the rich flora and fauna, and touched by the warm welcome of all these committed and passionate people.

Who said the Savoyard wasn’t welcoming and put “Ys” everywhere?
well for the Ys we put them everywhere but we are very welcoming, the proof is in the pictures 😉

“Echappées Belles: Savoie Mont Blanc region videos to watch and re-watch”.

barrage de roselend saint guerin

Let’s start the journey with Théo Curin on the shores of Lake Annecy in the commune of Doussard, more precisely 2 km from the campsite. He knows France’s 2nd largest glacier lake very well, and has been training for his crossing of Lake TITICACA in 2021.

Let’s take a bird’s eye view from the air with Dominique from Delta Evasion and her migratory birds. Château de Duingt, Roc de Chère, Baie de Talloires, Dents de Lanfon and more… the escape begins with breathtaking scenery.

With all these reliefs as far as the eye can see, the Alps offer endless hiking adventures. With a change of course, Théo joins his friend Matthieu Witvoet, with whom he has been training for this Titicaca crossing,

As we arrive, we discover an atypical panorama. At once gentle, with hills and pastures, and more aggressive, with very high, rocky peaks.
Welcome to the Beaufortain region of Savoie!

Not far from the Barrage et lac de Roselend (one of the many visits we also recommend on our blog) we discover the Barrage et Lac De Saint Guerin. A 4km walk takes you to an impressive 80m-long footbridge, suspended over 20m. Having done it with children, it’s totally accessible.

Would you like to spend the night in a refuge or bivouac in the Beaufortain mountains, in the middle of nowhere?
If I tell you: peace and quiet and a change of scenery… you’ll answer? Let’s GO!

Explora Project takes us into a fascinating universe. They plunge us into an initiatory voyage of wild adventure while preserving and respecting nature.

Théo and Matthieu, for their part, arrive at the Econdu refuge at 1886m alt, with its typically Savoyard decor. Not far away, the fairy lake! You can go swimming, but be careful, the water is 10° max.
Don’t be frightened by the difference in altitude, and yes, the Alps are very steep. “So take the time to climb and experience the Bivouac or refuge with your children. Memorable memories guaranteed.

Early in the morning we set off to meet a farming family in the pastures. With a lot of humor, we’ll be watching the milking of Tarines and Abondances (for the record, these are typical cows of the Tarentaire and Haute-Savoie regions 😊) as well as the creation of Beaufort cheese wheels.
As the Savoyard that I am, I can assure you that Beaufort can be enjoyed all year round, at any time of day. With its distinctive, fruity taste, it will appeal to young and old alike.
Staying with agriculture, I’d like to make an aside. Thank you for introducing me to Marine Couchard’s Brouette Bleue. This farmer grows 70 varieties of edible flowers in a 3,000m2 garden in the hills above Annecy le Vieux. It supplies a number of Annecy restaurants, including Laurent Jeannot’sAuberge de Savoie and Laurent Petit’s Clos des Sens.
A big well done to these enthusiasts!

Come on “ Dré dans l’pentu “as the Savoyards would say in Patois 😉 . Keep your eyes peeled for marmots.
Let’s go back to the Yaute ” ***

saint guerin alpage barrage
lac annecy

Before heading back down to the lakeside, Théo suggests a stopover at La Sambuy.
Ski resort above Faverges, just 20 minutes from the campsite.
After a chairlift ascent, 360° views of the heart of the lake, Mont Blanc, Mont Charvin, Tournette, Dents de Lanfon and many more.
Théo gives us another extraordinary experience by spending the night in one of the Shelters at the “Là Haut” refuge.

The report couldn’t end without experiencing water sports or cycling.
The Savoie Mont Blanc region is a regular stop-off point for the famous Tour de France, but not only that. It offers a playground for cycling. Forest paths for the adventurous, mountain passes for the experienced or simply a 40km cycle path for the epicurean.
Théo and Matthieu take us on a tour of a section of the Annecy greenway, from Le Pâquier to Menthon Saint Bernard.

This turquoise water really makes you want to take a dip… Direction water sports.
Théo meets Clémentine Lucine, world champion water skier and director of the Sevrier Annecy water ski club.
Did you know? Water skiing was invented in the USA in the 1920s, and at the same time, in Annecy, by alpine ski hunters. A wide range of activities on the lake, suitable for children aged 2-3 and over…. The word of a champion 😉

Flying, hiking, biking, water sports, gastronomy, agriculture, ecology, caving, bivouacs, refuges – I think we’ve covered it all.
Thanks to Echappées Belles, we saw a wide range of what the Savoie Mont-Blanc region has to offer.
A one-week stay won’t be enough – you’ll have to come back!
And I know you’ll be back… because in the meantime you’ll have fallen in love with our beautiful region.

Savoyard patois dictionary
*Y a pas le feu au lac is an expression that indicates that there’s no hurry and that you should take your time.
**On a slope” means going fast and limiting turns.
***Yaute” is Haute-Savoie.